The REGISTRATIONS for the 44th Mugello Marathon are open.For necessary requirements to partecipate to MUGELLO MARATHON 2017, read carefully Art.1 of the Regulations.

For necessary requirements  to partecipate complete MODEL OF HEALTH FORM

Registration fees for MUGELLO MARATHON  (and for the intermediate finish of 30 Km)

From 2016 December 21 to 2017 January 30

€21,00 with rich package of Bio products  by “Poggio del Farro” + Technical DryFit Shirt 44th Mugello Marathon

From February 01 to April 30

€27,00 with rich package of Bio products  by “Poggio del Farro” + Technical DryFit Shirt 44th Mugello Marathon

From May 1 to August 31

€32,00 with rich package of Bio products  by “Poggio del Farro” + Technical DryFit Shirt 44th Mugello Marathon

From September 01 to September 18
€42,00 with rich package of Bio products  by “Poggio del Farro” + Technical DryFit Shirt 44th Mugello Marathon

Closure of Registrations: September 18, 2017.

It will be possible to register yourself also personally on September 23, at the Expo area of Mugello Marathon until 12.30 with increased amounts:

September 23, until 12.30
€47,00 with rich package of Bio products  by “Poggio del Farro” + Technical DryFit Shirt 44th Mugello Marathon

Benefits for members of the Super Marathon Club and the Nobles of the Marathon:

€ 5 discount on any type of registration from May 01 to September 23.

The registration for the Sports Associations (comprehensive of registrations for the FamilyRun ) must be submitted preferably by email ( on Excel format sheet on letterhead of the Sport Club with signature and validation of the President to discharge responsibilities; Name, Surname, date of birth, membership card number must be clearly indicated and these information must be accompanied by the total payment of all registration fees.

NEWS!! From this year will be possible to book at the time of registration (both on the online or paper forms)  the following personalized service at a promotional price:
-Photo Service: € 7.00, which will include up to 16 photos (personal and/or of the event in general). The photos  could be downloaded from site.
-Massage Service: Pre or post race service offered to all participants in the MARATHON will be edited by P.A. Center Emergency Radio Borgo San Lorenzo.
FAMILYRUN From January  to September 23, 2017  € 7,00  

Individual registrations for FamilyRun can be made online directly on SDAM website until September 18, or directly or Saturday, September 23 at the registration point (Expo) in Piazza Dante until 14.00.
Also this year FamilyRun will devote part of registration fee for humanitarian purposes. To read all the information related to FamilyRun Click here!


To proceed with registration with the various procedures or to check your registration, it is necessary to click over the SDAM logos below and follow the procedure and instructions.

registerentry check

The payment must be carried out by:

  • Payment with bank transfer  Banco Fiorentino – IBAN code: IT82 N0832537 7510 0000 0042 313. SWIFT code: ICRAITR1913 Payble to: ASD. Maratona Mugello – Via Brocchi, 7 – 50032 Borgo S. Lorenzo (FI)
  • Payment with credit card / paypal/ homebanking bank transfer by the circuit for online registrations (on SDAM website)


It is possible to register yourself (within the prescribed time limits) also filling carefully in all its parts the registration form that can be downloaded from HERE and sending it via email to or by fax at No. +39 0587 240030, necessarily attaching a copy of your membership card and copy of the payment of the registration fee.
All registrations lacking of at least one of the requirements will be considered incomplete, posted and then deleted from the lists of registered athletes.

The Organization points out that with the registration fee all the athletes will be registered for the Marathon (Km 42, 195). Therefore, the athlete may choses whether to stop to the intermediate non-competitive finishing line (in Borgo San Lorenzo – Km 30) or to continue. So, there are no distinctions of race number that is equal for all registered athletes.

Those who participate in the Marathon without the race number or with the FamilyRun race number will not be covered by any insurance for any damage suffered or caused, they cannot enter into the structure of Mugello Circuit, they will not fit into any awards (even FamilyRun) or in any classification, and will incur the penalties described in art.12 of the Regulation



Register the emergency number +39 338 5964101 that will follow you throughout the race and identify for an emergency, you will be immediately accessible via the SOS button and thanks to Geo-localization you will be immediately identified and rescued.

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