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                                       Di Franco Sargenti  del Comitato Org. Maratona del Mugello.





The year was the 1974 and we were in booming of the running-mania. In fact, since 1972 had broken out this way of doing sports that was new, healthy and practical. More and more people tried this new sports movement. We too, once formed a sports club, we were extensively involved every Sunday in races of various mileages and different characteristics. There were no marathons yet. In those years, the only existing marathons were organized by the Federation for the selection for the Olympic Games and for the Italian and European Championships and we could live this marathons only as spectators. They were races restricted to a few tens of athletes. But was strong the desire to be leaders on this fascinating distance, and so, in 1974 came the first marathon in Italy called “FIRST MUGELLO MARATHON”.



 At the start of this marathon there were only 48 athletes who were “pioneers” with a great                                                           enthusiasm. Think that the first edition of this marathon took place at night with departure

time at 19.30 of September 21, 1974. In the middle of the night the runners passed through                                              country roads that are beautiful in the daytime but dark and gloomy in the night.

Yet they were there. I remember that the last runner reached the finish line around midnight.

In the subsequent years the participants have increased. In the 1975 (second edition) the

runners were 205: a real success. In the 1976 (third edition) the runners were 502: a real

boom! And so on, the participants were always more  and they came from as far away.

In the fourth and fifth edition there were runners from France, Hungary, Germany,

Switzerland. The Mugello Marathon became international. Were designed and created five

wonderful medals in succession from 1981 to 1985. These medals were unique and now

rare. On these medals were represented monuments and coats of arms of the countries of

our wonderful Mugello valley. The creator of these medals was Prof. Mario Bini.

He was our old professor of drawing and art when we were students. It was an extraordinary event.                                          We have grown and we have sacrificed in this Marathon. There are characters who have become l egendary for their dedication in organizing this marathon. Over all, the first is Mario Boretti, because he is present in the organization since the first edition. Another important person who joined the organization a few years later is Roberto Gherardi. Roberto besides being a tireless promoter of this marathon was also a super-marathon runner, known by hundreds and hundreds of runners. His passion led him to a fatal illness in 2004 during the Bologna Marathon. But Roberto is always with us. Since his dead the Mugello Marathon is also a Memorial to Roberto Gherardi.We are always committed to do our best to continuously improve our marathon and the offered services, so that all the runners are satisfied and happy. We are runners ourselves and we know what it means run a marathon. Gradually the years go by, new marathons born in Italy, in Europe, worldwide. Great cities demonstrate a great organization in creating beautiful events with fascinating routes that attract big business and advertising. But our Mugello Marathon is always there, beautiful, simple, in a wonderful landscape, with the history of the Medici family, with Giotto, Beato Angelico and Giovanni Della Casa who are our illustrious ancestors. Our marathon takes place in a context of genuine country life, with the possibility to taste good genuine food and enjoy a day surrounded by beautiful architectural monuments one step away from Florence. We are a little community with a great marathon.The Mugello Marathon is the oldest in Italy and is one of the oldest in Europe and the world.

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