Mugello Marathon, as usual, has provided a range of services to be made available to its registered athletes; we will try to list these services in their entirety.

Withdrawal of the bag containing the race number, containing the chip + important information for athletes (no advertising) + the coupon for the FarroParty + the coupon for the goody bag (to be collected before departure) at Marathon Expo.   Changing rooms M / F in a protected area (unattended) adjacent to the starting area of ​​Mugello Marathon.     Refreshments and spongings along the route and on arrival (as per FIDAL Regulation)

Personalized race number
 (nominal for athletes registered within September 11).
Disposable Chip SDAM (without bail, so as not to return after the arrival).
Time detections during the route, specifically: at the start-line, to km 21.097 half marathon (located at the main entrance of Mugello Circuit), at about km 35, at the finish-line.
FIDAL basic Insurance.
Additional private Insurance  an additional insurance to better cover all possible critical situations of the athletes during the event.
Pacer Sevices  They will be present to help the athletes to complete the marathon in various scheduled times.
Refreshments and Spongings (as per FIDAL Regulation).
Dressing Rooms  in a protected area, not guarded (see on-site services).
Medical Assistance along all the route, with particular attention to the finish-line area, in cooperation with the P.A. CRS Borgo San Lorenzo and the MISERICORDIA Brotherhoods of municipalities of Borgo San Lorenzo, Scarperia and S. Piero.
Massage Service pre- and post- race coordinated by P.A. CRS Borgo San Lorenzo.
Shuttle bus service located just beyond the finish-line of the Marathon for the transport of the athletes at the Center for Communal Services (showers, toilet), which is about 600mt. from the finish-line.
Coupon for a partner restaurant (coupon is inside of the bag with race number) Eur. 10,00 at Osteria Il Galletto (about 700mt. from the Marathon finish line) including 1 first course, 1 main course, 1 side dish, water, wine (1/4) and Coffee.


Parking for vehicles: approximately 500-700mt from Marathon Expo (Piazza Dante Alighieri, Start / Finish line) there are large parking areas. We report the main and more capacious.

The closest is located in Via Caduti di Montelungo (it is also equipped for campers); otherwise, a little further away from Marathon Expo, there is another area in Piazza Martin Luther King.

Naturally, you can also park in the streets in the immediate proximity of the Expo, but we recommend you to pay close attention to the “no parking” (also temporary during the event) and to the toll parking, to avoid possible fines and/or removal of the vehicle.

Pick-up of the race number: You can pick up your race number only on the day of the event (Saturday, 23 September) from 9.30 to 14.00 at the stand “Registrations” in the Expo Marathon ( Dante Alighieri).

At time of pick-up of the race number, all athletes who are not FIDAL members must present the original of the Health Form valid to September 23, 2017, otherwise they cannot pick-up the race number (copy of the Health Form must be enclosed with the registration form for all athletes).